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In laboratories and doctor’s offices, peptides have shown the most promise for their anti-aging properties as well as the ability to reduce inflammation and help with the building of muscles. However, a multitude of researchers and physicians, such as Dr. Love, Mt. Pleasant, have discovered that it is bioactive peptides that are showing improvements in more areas than expected.

They have come to the forefront in enhancing overall health, collagen, performance, strength, and more. Improvements have been so noticeable in patients that it has grown enthusiasts who call peptide therapy the fountain of youth. We had to learn more, so we asked Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant founder of NeuLogics Wellness & Medical, how peptide therapy works and what results he has seen in the people he has treated.


Dr Love Mt Pleasant

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According to Dr. Love, Mt. Pleasant, a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging &Regenerative Medicine and the holder of a Certification in Aesthetic Medicine, peptides are already in our bodies. Our system automatically recognizes and begins utilizing them during peptide therapy. Age, stress, and injury can all reduce the amount of naturally occurring peptides we have, thus slowing down healing and increasing aging. Peptide treatments can reverse that.


“Peptides and peptide derivatives have gained recognition within the scientific community for their many potential therapeutic benefits. Burgeoning evidence indicates that some types of peptides may play a beneficial role in slowing down the aging process by reducing inflammation and destroying microbes. These compounds are easier to absorb by the body than proteins because they are smaller and thus quickly broken down.”



Effectiveness according to Dr Love Mt Pleasant

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and can serve a variety of functions. In general, they effectively regulate hormones, increase amino acid concentrations, and heal damaged cells. Via these mechanisms, a variety of goals can be achieved.

But are they really the fountain of youth?

According to research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, they may be one of the closest things to it that we have discovered so far. When looking into the effects of one natural peptide, the researchers noticed measurable increased cellular proliferation, more elastin and collagen production, and a reduction in wrinkles within just twenty-eight days of therapy.


Dr Love Mt Pleasant

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While there are peptide supplements, effective treatment generally includes injections. The type of peptides prescribed depends on the needs of the individual patient. Various peptide treatments have been shown to be effective in medical weight loss. They speed up metabolic function, building muscles by assisting with growth hormone release, and anti-aging by healing damaged cells.

Research and patient results have also shown effectiveness in the use of peptides for hair growth, pain relief, and improving health and mental wellbeing as well as acuity. Scientists have also looked into how peptide therapy can work to improve cardiovascular function, the immune system, digestion, and more.

Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant, notes that it is important to sit down with a medical professional to determine which peptide treatment is best to target the areas where you would like to see improvement.