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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) contains vital growth factors and proteins necessary for improved sexual health. The PRP growth factors and proteins work to repair damage and encourage regeneration at a cellular level. They activate stem cells and stimulate collagen creation. They also aid in the development of new blood vessels in the area that is being treated.

Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant physician, and Medical Director, points out that when combined, these benefits are the perfect solution for both male and female sexual health and rejuvenation. However, the results aren’t just visual. They are also felt, with improved arousal and function for all patients. Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant, a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, spoke to us about the benefits of PRP for sexual health.


What is PRP?

To create Platelet-Rich Plasma, Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant Founder of NeuLogics Wellness & Medical, explains the process. It starts with drawing of the patient’s own blood. That blood naturally contains the platelets that are well known for their role in healing and rejuvenation. However, it needs to go through a process in order to to have those platelets extracted. To do that, vials of the patient’s blood will be placed in a centrifuge for a short time while they wait.

The entire extraction process can be completed within one visit. The vials are spun rapidly until the revitalizing platelets have been separated out from the other components of the blood. Once it is done, the platelets are ready to be injected in the genital area for optimal success. The extracted platelets can also help with creating a more youthful appearance in all patients.


Dr Love Mt Pleasant

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Dr Love Mt Pleasant discusses safety

Because PRP treatment uses the patient’s own blood, side effects are extremely rare and generally only include bruising, bleeding, and discomfort at the injection site. Dr. Love, Mt Pleasant, points out that one of the benefits of this is that PRP therapy can be safely combined with other treatment options and procedures without the concern of interactions.


PRP for women

In women, PRP treatment can improve and heal both clitoral and vaginal tissue, creating a smoother and younger-looking appearance externally. It also combats a slew of issues internally that are commonly caused by age and the damage that can occur over time. Improvements that PRP has helped with include:

  • A tighter vaginal canal after childbearing
  • A more elastic vaginal canal after menopause
  • A decrease in urinary incontinence
  • Better vaginal lubrication, leading to a reduction in dyspareunia (painful sex)
  • An increase in the ability to have vaginal orgasms as well as stronger orgasms overall
  • An increase in clitoral sensation


Dr Love Mt Pleasant

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PRP for men

PRP treatment for men can help with larger and firmer erections. The highest amount of improvement and healing can be seen in men who have experienced prostate issues. It can also provide:

  • Increased circulation to the penis
  • An improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin
  • Improved sensation and sensitivity of the penis
  • Reduction and elimination of pain during an erection
  • An increase in the effectiveness of medications such as Viagra
  • More length and girth
  • Reduction or elimination in penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s Disease


As with all treatments, it’s important to discuss your individual needs with a physician.